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Plantation House Plans

Plantation house plans are also known as southern house plans, and such houses were built to accommodate the hot, humid climate typical of the south.

After the turn of the century, plantations blossomed all along the navigable waterways of the south. At first tobacco and then rice brought prosperity to Virginia and the Carolinas where early plantation houses reflected the European origins of English, Scotch-Irish and Huguenot settlers.

The traditional Plantation house was different from the typical southern colonial house because its orientation towards the river (the much used and sometimes only highway between plantations) was just as important as towards the opposite or plantation side. The house had no conventional front or back as both had main entrances.

The inside floor design is very spacious and airy which allows for heat to rise to the tall ceilings. Floor to ceiling double-hung windows provide maximum natural light and ventilation. Cross ventilation is also stressed by placing the rooms next to each other in a single file. Large porches (sometimes called a veranda) usually surround the home to provide shade throughout the heat of the day. Roofs are pitched or gabled of usually a medium to shallow pitch. Plantation homes are single or two stories in height and sometimes are adorned with dormers. There are still many plantation homes preserved throughout the south, usually built on large pieces of land.

Plantation house plans, are a good place to start if you're looking for a mixture of a modern home with details from a classical plan style.: 

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House Plans - Guide to choosing the perfect house plan for your new home

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