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House Plans - Guide to choosing the perfect blueprints for your new home

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There are stock plans available for all house styles. A Home's style can be described as the outside look and feel of the home. Sometimes a certain style of home will just appeal to you more than others, but often the type of existing homes in the neighborhood will dictate the style you should build. 

Nobody wants to live in a home exactly like the one next door, but you should make sure the design of the plan you choose fits the neighborhood. This applies whether you're building in a new neighborhood or in an older area with established homes. Subdivisions may have covenants that establish acceptable home styles for the area, so check regulations before you purchase a plan. Also think about the size of the home relative to others in the neighborhood. A home that is out-of-scale with its neighbors -- whether too small or too large -- will look as out of place as a glass-walled contemporary house in an older neighborhood.

Searching for a house plan by architectural style is a great starting point, but remember this:  You spend 90% of your time inside your house so you should devote most of your attention to the interior floor plan rather than the exterior styling. A house’s exterior can easily be changed and most plans can be finished in nearly any architectural style. The changes to an exterior can be so dramatic that you won't realize you are looking at the same house.

With that said, here are some links to brief descriptions of a few of the more popular architectural house styles.


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House Plans - Guide to choosing the perfect house plan for your new home


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