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French Country House Plans

French Country house plans, sometimes also referred to as French house plans, are a style that became popular in the 1700s in Europe. French houses are generally very large in size, and feature large roof pitches and sometimes even a large veranda on the front. The French house plan style is very traditional in nature, and suitable for anyone looking for a spacious, yet elegant, style

The French Country house plans have their roots in the sunny hillsides of rural France. The style is broad and includes looks that fit into both humble farmhouses as well as grander chateaus. In general, however, the style is rustic, warm, cozy, and appealing.

The unique style and design of a modern French home is still founded on the little characteristics that give it such class. Most French homes are two stories or more in height, and are mostly identified by their brick exterior and pointed roof pitches at various heights. Sometimes, a gallery or verandah is included under the main roof of a French house. Early French homes had no interior hallways, and were rectangular in shape.

Windows and doors in a true French Country home are narrow and deeply set with large sills, and are covered with shutters to keep rooms cool in summer.

Architectural features such as distressed ceiling beams, timbered details, rough stone walls or floors, and coarse plaster walls can underscore a French Country theme.

It's a look that reflects simpler times, bringing back farmhouse ambiance with a contemporary feel. If you're looking for French Country house plans, here are some recommended sources for creating your own home.: 


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House Plans - Guide to choosing the perfect house plan for your new home

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