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House Plans - Guide to choosing the perfect blueprints for your new home

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Country House Plans

Traditional Country House Plans represent one of the most popular architectural styles in the United States today, regardless of their antique style and feel. Picture a home in a Norman Rockwell painting and, inevitably, you’ll be imagining a country-style home.

Typically, country style homes combine several traditional architectural details on their well-proportioned, cozy facades. Look for a front porch or a wrap-around porch, gables, lap siding, shuttered windows, and dormer windows. It can be one or two stories high. Such a home's nostalgic look lends it enduring appeal.

Most major house plan companies are carrying country house plan styles, as the demand for these design features are very popular with potential new home builders. Country house style has evolved into a few different specific styles, such as the traditional farmhouse plans, the cottage home plans, and the ever popular French country house plans.

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House Plans - Guide to choosing the perfect house plan for your new home

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