House Plans - Your guide to choosing the perfect house plan for your new home
House Plans - Guide to choosing the perfect blueprints for your new home

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House Plans: The First Step 
to your New Dream Home

Looking for House Plans?... Pretty exciting isn't it? Building a new home is a major event in anyone's life. No more living in someone else's idea of the perfect house... now you get to build exactly what you want, right down to the last detail.

While starting off with a clean sheet of paper is exhilarating, it can also be a little overwhelming. So many decisions to make, so many choices...

What you need is some guidance... a road map... a blueprint...

The right House Plans are where your dreams begin!

Helping you build the home of your dreams is the purpose of this web site.

We can help you find the perfect blueprints to build your new home. You'll find literally thousands of house designs to choose from, all organized for easy reference.

Finding new house plans to accommodate your personal taste while remaining within your budget used to be difficult and stressful. You were limited to the catalogs your local builders and lumberyard provided. By only looking at such a small selection of designs you might never find the perfect house for you.

Now that most of us have Internet access it's so much easier to research and make the right choices. This is why New-House-Plans was designed - to give you the wide selection of high quality plans you need.

But... you can have 'too much of a good thing' - Typing "House Plans" into the Google search engine brings back over 16,000,000 web pages. Yikes!

To save you time browsing poor quality sites and duplicated information we've collected together only the best companies providing quality new house designs. Listed here, you'll find virtually every floor plan and house plan available in North America. All just a click or two away. You might want to consider book marking this site right now.

If you already have a good idea of the style of new house you're looking for, just click the Search link in the column to the left to start your search for your perfect new house plans.

However, we suggest you take some time to read the information below before you start. what are you waiting for? The sooner you start clicking, the sooner you'll start building your dream home!

  • Search house plans: Your dream dream home starts with the perfect plans. To save you time while you search house plans we've collected together only the best companies providing quality new house designs. You'll find virtually every house plan available in North America...(read more)
  • Browse House styles: There are stock plans available for all house styles. A Home's style can be described as the outside look and feel of the home. Sometimes a certain style of home will just appeal to you more than others, but often the type of existing homes in the neighborhood will dictate the style you should build...(read more)
  • Choosing House Plans: Here are some tips on how to choose a house plan...(read more) 
  • Browse Our Bookstore: Check out our large selection of downloadable Home & Garden books...(read more) 
House Plans - Guide to choosing the perfect house plan for your new home

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